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Thread Gauges

We are one of the most efficient manufacturers and suppliers of Thread Gauge. Made from high quality raw material these Thread Gauges are available in varied range to choose upon. Our gauges are used in several big companies and are in great demand across country. Our product range includes Thread Ring Gauges, Thread Caliber Gauges, Thread Plug Gauges, Precision Thread Gauges, BSP Gauges, GO and Not Go Thread Ring Gauges, GO and Not GO Plug Gauges, Unified Gauges, Screw Plug Gauges, Metric Gauges, Trap 20/ all Gauges, Stub ACME Gauges, ACME Gauges, Square Thread Gauges, Taper Thread Gauges, Special Thread Gauges, BSW Gauges, BA Gauges, BSF Gauges, PG Gauges, Left Hand Thread Plug Gauges and Left Hand Thread Ring Gauges.

We offer our clients an exclusive range of Thread Ring Gauge. This product is manufactured out of fine class raw materials to ensure the quality performance of the products and long life function. Thread ring gauges are available in different diameter range and thread, taper or plain forms and can be supplied to the clients as per their predefined specifications.

Thread Plug Gauges : Dia range 1.3 to 210 mm
Thread Ring Gauges : Dia range 1.3 to 200 mm
Taper Thread Plug Gauges : Any Kind of taper up to1:8, Dia. range 4 to 190 mm
Taper Thread Ring Gauges : Any Kind of taper up to1:8, Dia. range 4 to 190 mm
Plain Plug Gauges : Dia range 0.8 mm to 600 mm
Plain Ring / Master Gauges : Dia range 1.2 to 300mm
Snap Gauges  : Dia range.1.2 to 500 mm
Special Thread Gauges Forms like Buttres, Trapezoidal, Acme, Pg, B.A, BSCY, BS cond. in single as Well as multistart can be manufactured in above said dia range.
Special Purpose Gauges Squareness, Concentricity, depth checking, flush pin Gauges & as per drawing Gauges can be manufactured in above said dia. range.

An extensive range of precision engine

We offer our valued customers a wide variety of Thread Caliber Gaugefind application in various big industries. Our Thread Caliber Gauge are used to find out internal and external thread forms with blades clearly marked with thread sizes ranging from 0.4 to 6 millimeter. We take utmost care to produce excellent products and due to this our thread caliber gauges are very much in demand. These gauges are offered as per the clients’ specifications as well as in standard style.

We offer our clients an exclusive range of GO Not Go Thread Ring Gauges of revolutionary designs. These ring gauges are made from best quality raw material procured from the prestigious vendors across country. The Go and Not Go Thread Ring Gauges are highly durable and long lasting. Our range of Go and not Go Thread Ring Gauges have been greatly appreciated by the clients due to high quality and performance. We manufacture these gauges with fine tuned materials and can be customized as per the requirement. 

BSP Gauges

An extensive range of precision engineered BSP Gauges are offer by us to our clients. Made up with premium class raw materials steel, chrome and carbide these BSP Gauges are used in many industries for high quality pressure gauge connections. These BSP gauges are prepared in accordance with Global Industrial standards. The BSP Gauges can be produced by us based on the specific requirements provided by the clients at cost effective rates.

Spline Gauges

We are among most reputed manufacturers and suppliers of Spline Gauges. We use finest quality raw materials to ensure sturdiness and affability of the Gauges for adverse conditions. We generally design and supply an extensive range of linear and diametrical dimensions Spline Gauges. This product can be customized depending upon the requirement of the customers  are ideal for various industrial applications.

Metric Gauges

We offer Metric Gauges in different measurements to the clients across country. Made from high quality raw material these Metric Gauges are precision engineered as per industrial and international standards. These gauges are designed by us are appropriate for the pressure measurement in the vibrating area.

Unified Gauges

We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Unified Gauges. These gauges are manufactured by using the superior quality raw material and have unmatched potential to suit the requirements. We design and develop Unified Gauges in extensive varieties by using the advance technology. We supply these gauges to our clients in standard form as well as customised form at competitive rates.

Range : Screw Plugs : 1 /16" - 8" Screw Rings : 1 /16" - 8"

Standards Basic Dimensions BS : 1580 :1962 ANSI B 1-2-1983
  Gauging Practice BS : 919 Part1:1960
Blank Design Screw Plugs IS : 9631-1983, IS : 9608-1985
  Screw Rings IS : 9610 - 1580
  Screw Plugs 2B (Medium) Screw Rings : 2A Medium
Class of
Fit Prices
Applicable for right hand threads
For non-std. dia-patch combinations on request

Screw Plug Gauges

We hold an expertise in offering our clients with a wide range of Screw Plug Gauges. These are manufactured with good grade raw materials to ensure the durability and efficiency of the products. We are offering screw plug having capacity from 0.9mm (0.031") up to 457 mm (18"). These are offered by us at affordable rates and other than already manufactured designs of Screw Plug Gauges these can also be customised.

Trapezoidal Gauges

We offer our clients an extensive variety of Trap 20/all Gauges of premium designs to suite the demand from the clients. Made from high density steel and brass these Trap 20/all gauges are superb in performance and satisfy the desired need of the clients. Trap 20/all gauges are used in many industries and have been delivering the services smoothly. These are offered at the best possible prices in the market.

Square Thread Gauges

Our Square Thread Gauges are manufactured out of high quality materials to meet the demands from the clients. Produced by using latest technology these gauges are appreciated by the clients extensively. Our ranges of products are very effective in function and highly durable. These Square Thread Gauges are very useful and offer at reasonable prices.

We offer our customers a wide variety of Taper Thread Gauges with high performance probability in BSPT, NPT and Metrix Taper. Manufactured out of premium quality materials raw material our products are unmatchable in quality and functionality. Provided by us in variations these gauges are highly durable and long lasting.

Left Hand Thread Ring Gauges

We hold expertise in offering our customers Left Hand Thread Ring Gauges. Manufactured out of good grade raw materials and skilled workforce, we strive to serve the customers of international and national markets without any obstacles. These gauges are efficient in work and meet the desired function of clients. These Gauges are mixed with Metric Thread Gauge made of Steel to ensure better & smooth functionality of the gauges to be used in all operating conditions.

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